Friday, 23 December 2011

Movie Trailers 2012

So, as I sit here slightly hungover waiting for time to pass I though I'd share some trailers of movies that I would like to watch.

The first one is for The Hobbit. I loved the book when I was younger and the Lord of the Ring movies were awesome (that's given me a thought, has the Lord of the Ring trilogy been released on Blu-ray? While I'm on the subject of Blu-ray, I wonder if I got the Star Wars box set for Christmas, I can't see it under the tree!) Where was I? I hope you enjoy the teaser trailer.

The second trailer is for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Some (or all of it) has been filmed in  IMAX but seeing how the nearest IMAX cinema is in London (Oh! wait a minute I'll be in London on Boxing Day, I wonder if Jo will want to go watch it?) One set back will be the cost, I don't suppose an IMAX cinema in London is going to be cheap!

My third trailer is for Prometheus (not an Alien prequel or sequel). Aliens, spaceships, people dying, what can I not love about this movie.

The last trailer I'm posting has to be awesome! Marvel's The Avengers: not only has it got many an awesome character but it's being released on May 4th! 

I hope you as excited about these movies as I am. 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Scanned Photographs

The first two pictures I took earlier in the year, sometime in the last few months I think. It was after we returned from South America and we took a walk along the promenade and stopped for coffee at an awesome cafe that sells vegan groceries at the bottom of London Road.
Reading on St Leonards promenade on a beautiful autumn Sunday

Coffee break

The photos were taken with my father's Cannon EOS 650 that he used when I was a young lad. I forget the camera settings but I did use an Ultrasonic 28mm-80mm lens and on manual focus. I love the clarity and sharpness of Jo and how soft and blurred the rest of the picture is. 

Saturday, 5 November 2011

November is the month of Fireworks and Vegans!

Happy belated world vegan day to you all. As a school teacher I get asked by many of my students why I follow a vegan lifestyle. Many of the students don't understand what vegans eat; they always ask if I eat fish! It also unfortunate that sometimes people can't see that being vegan is not just about not wanting to eat animal products but it's also about making sure to the best of our ability that animals or animal derived products are excluded fully from our lifestyles. I don't know about other vegans but I think I might have been slack about one or two things over the last 7 or 8 years. Does it matter? Well, I hope that overall my lifestyle is having a positive effect on the planet and I hope that more and more people decide to follow the vegan lifestyle... especially now that the world population is up to 7 billion.

What I also find annoying is that when people find out you're vegan they start looking at your green credentials. They think that if you have compassion for animals you should also have an almost zero carbon footprint.  I know that over recent years my carbon footprint has grown a little but I still think that 'every little helps' and I think following a vegan lifestyle does reduce the burden I put on our planet and I say to those who continually question me, what the FUCK are you doing?

Anyway, below is a picture I took of a picture that Dan Price (from Trinity Foods, Hastings) took of me holding a sign explaining why I'm vegan, to highlight that some vegans do look normal! Or was it to highlight it's world vegan month.

That's me in the window.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Day out in Brighton

The day was still good even though it rained and I managed to snap one happy shopper...

The day was obviously going to be good when you see this written on the wall

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Long time listener, first time calller

We've ran out of Soya Milk and I blame George W. Bush and Tony Blair - bloody wankers.