Friday, 23 December 2011

Movie Trailers 2012

So, as I sit here slightly hungover waiting for time to pass I though I'd share some trailers of movies that I would like to watch.

The first one is for The Hobbit. I loved the book when I was younger and the Lord of the Ring movies were awesome (that's given me a thought, has the Lord of the Ring trilogy been released on Blu-ray? While I'm on the subject of Blu-ray, I wonder if I got the Star Wars box set for Christmas, I can't see it under the tree!) Where was I? I hope you enjoy the teaser trailer.

The second trailer is for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Some (or all of it) has been filmed in  IMAX but seeing how the nearest IMAX cinema is in London (Oh! wait a minute I'll be in London on Boxing Day, I wonder if Jo will want to go watch it?) One set back will be the cost, I don't suppose an IMAX cinema in London is going to be cheap!

My third trailer is for Prometheus (not an Alien prequel or sequel). Aliens, spaceships, people dying, what can I not love about this movie.

The last trailer I'm posting has to be awesome! Marvel's The Avengers: not only has it got many an awesome character but it's being released on May 4th! 

I hope you as excited about these movies as I am.